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Bay Area, Psychedelic, frEQ folk, Ancient Futurist, HipHop Heads, exploring the Universe -- Through Augmented Alternate RealityTv.

Founded by Bay Area HoodHippie$ Amutabi Todaii Haines and Amani Will / Wa Ama & the Lion Truth -- Currently exploring the power of the H.H.U.D.A (HoodHippie universe Dreamers' Anonymous) Meeting. earths and suns facilitate. dreamers drop in. we take it one day at a time. homeless in the dream, tryna get to the rest... There's no place like home. Click dem He(e)als.



Amani Will


Wa Ama & the Lion Truth


Co-Founder of Ledgendary

Bay Area

Jungle Electric Quartet,

The Attik

My First Artist name was Anansi, it's always been about Reweaving & Restor(y)ing. These Beats, Freestyles, Ceremony Ciphers, Folk Hop slappers, are all Creative liberation, & AncientFuture As F*<k 


Maybe you found me sharing stages with Dead PrezE-40KRS-OneShabazz PalacesBrett DennenHieroglyphicsGoapele, or Zion I back in the day?

Maybe with the pigeons by the Lake?


or was it with Reverend E at East Bay Church of Religious Science,


or with the moon in the middle of a north oakland night? 


Maybe you danced along

without even knowing,

cuz i been the beat behind favorites from Dilated PeoplesLiving Legends, Los RakasIse LyfeCoco PeilaJonah Matranga, and More... and… you?

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