the HoodHippie$


Founded by Bay Area HoodHippie$ Amutabi Todaii Haines and Amani Will / Wa Ama & the Lion Truth -- offered up as an artist collective, and an experiment in the merging of edge zones, the de-centralizing of power, and the Banding Together in Creative Liberation.


So far we make Ascen-Dance Music; Bay Area Hip-Hop; Experimental Freak Folk; Psychedelic Prayer Poetry; Chants, Rounds, and the songs of our Ancestors remixed through Freestyle Listening. 


We are a Band of story tellers, educators, artivists, healers, and earth workers, amplifying the frequencies that set us free and show us how free we already are. 


Join us:

Band Together Creative Liberation Network!!! 

Amani Will


Wa Ama & the Lion Truth

Amani Will is an Altar of Free Being, a Midwife of the Creative Liberation Network, the Lion Truth. A Singing Poet BeatMan, Meditator, Educator, shit-talking Irreverent Reverend. This is a Devotee of that Ascen-Dance music right here, a Cosmic Love Ninja, Council-er Learning Non-stop, and it don’t matter where the medicine goes when it flows; we behind prison, classroom, cultural, emotional, and psychic walls with the free, we in outdoor classrooms in the redwoods, we in the studio, on stage, in circle, on the corner, and in yours.

Want 2 Colaborate?


We play creative midwife for other Artists. Right now we're supporting:


  • ​7 Albums

  • 4 Books

  • Multiple Curricula


We have hundreds of Beats for Sale